Update on the 16th of May, 2017

OUR FAITH is now available. Click HERE or on the OUR FAITH cover to see more and go to the shopping cart.

We have been pressing ahead with our plans to publish books for Catholic children that will engage their interest while teaching the faith. Initially, there will be four titles: OUR FAITH, THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD (VOLUME ONE), THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD (VOLUME TWO) and THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD (VOLUME THREE).

The first book is titled OUR FAITH The Easter Gospel for Catholic Children, and it will be available in print form in a couple of weeks.
On this page you can see the front covers of all of the books. Previews of each will be added to this page very soon.

The remaining three books will be double volumes which, together, present the six books that made up a set called THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD. These books were originally published in 1994. The first of these new volumes will be THE LIGHT COMES INTO THE WORLD.



The second of the new volumes will be TEACHINGS AND MIRACLES.


The third volume will be DEATH AND RESURRECTION.