David and Rosemary Fielding have long experience as Catholic educators, writers and publishers. They also have experience in the wider Christian body and have a great desire to see the fractured Christian world brought together again.

Rosemary is the niece of Father John J. Hugo who was a noted retreat giver and writer and who was connected to the Servant of God, Dorothy Day. She is the daughter of Lawrence R. Hugo, who was a professor at Duquesne University; and of Ruth Anne Hugo who was a teacher in a Catholic elementary school. Rosemary herself was a teacher in a Catholic high school before becoming a wife and mother. She has been published in a number of Catholic magazines.

David was raised in the Church of England, in Britain, and joined the Catholic Church after personal written contact with Padre (now Saint) Pio of Pietrelcina in Italy. David taught in Catholic schools and spent four years in the Benedictine monastery of Prinknash Abbey outside Gloucester, England. He left without taking final vows because he experienced a strong call to help the faith of children through publishing. Since then, he has published numerous works for Catholic children and in doing so was commended by the Catholic Bishops' Ad Hoc Committee to Oversee the Use of the Catechism of the Catholic church. We present much of David's output on the OUR BOOKS page; and there is more to come.

Both David and Rosemary have read widely from Christian sources both Catholic and non-Catholic and they have been saddened at the level of misunderstanding and needless bigotry that infects so much of the whole Christian body. At the present time they want to help to heal the wounds in the body. (In this context, see the TWO CASTLES tab.)